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Employee Benefits

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A comprehensive set of benefits is offered for Virginia Community College System employees, which differs slightly depending on whether the position is classified staff, teaching faculty, or administrative / professional faculty.

These documents summarize benefits for each category:

Classified Benefit Summary
Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Virginia provides a wide range of health care services within special networks for medical, behavioral health, dental, and pharmacy providers. The classified benefits package also includes options for life and disability insurance, flexible reimbursement accounts, retirement plans, tax-sheltered annuities, and paid holidays.

Teaching Faculty Benefits Summary
A wide array of health care services is available through Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Virginia and its network of providers. These employees are also entitled to paid sick and personal leave as well as holidays and are eligible to take sabbaticals when the need arises. Additionally, teaching faculty will have access to a variety of life insurance options, tax-sheltered annuities and retirement plans.

Administrative/Professional Faculty Benefit Summary
Administrative/Professional Faculty employees will have access to a broad spectrum of health care services through Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Virginia. Other benefits include but are not limited to paid holidays, sick and personal leave, flexible reimbursement accounts, retirement plans and relocation expenses where appropriate.

Benefits for Presidents



Other Benefits
In addition to health care benefits, paid holidays, and retirement plans, the VCCS offers a variety of other services and programs that are designed to keep employees physically and fiscally fit, including travel discounts, an employee assistance program and worker’s compensation.