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Call for Proposals Online Submission Form

VCCS (SUBJECT) Peer Group Meeting

(MONTH) (XX-XX), 2014


Teaching, learning, and innovation is what we're all about. Engage with your peers to learn about best practices and how to serve your students with less wear and tear on you!

The VCCS (SUBJECT) Peer Group Call for Proposals is open now through 5:00 p.m., (DAY), (MONTH XX), 2014. Please consider offering a session. 

  • Proposals will be accepted until (DATE).
  • Proposals will be accepted only through the online form.
  • Presenters will be notified by email if their presentation has been accepted or not.
  • All presenters are expected to register for the conference.
  • All contact between the lead presenters (who is expected to communicate with all other co-presenters) and VCCS will be through email.
  • Lead presenters must be VCCS employees. Other members of the presentation team may be non-VCCS employees who are collaborative partners or registered exhibitors.

In addition to being used in the selection of sessions, the information you submit on this form will be used for marketing and publicity. Because this material will also be used in the conference agenda, please be as accurate and clear as possible. No additional information will be used in the description of your program.

Session Information

Please write a brief session title.

This will be used to promote your session in the conference materials. Please be accurate and clear so attendees will know what to expect of your session.

Lead Presenter Information

If you wish to use a different name on your conference badge, please enter it here.

How many co-presenters or panelists will you have?

Session Goals and Objectives

Technical Support

All session rooms are equipped with PC laptop, LCD projector, screen, and internet access. We recommend bringing your presentation on a thumb drive for quickest installation. Please indicate below if you require any other technical support.


Upon submitting the form, a confirmation page will appear and an email containing all form input will be sent to the lead presenter. If you realize that you have made an error on your form after hitting the submit button, please contact Nancy Harris at