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    Home > Giving > Scholarships Change the Game > Scholarship Recipients 2016-2017

    Scholarship Recipients 2016-2017

    Home > Giving > Scholarships Change the Game > Scholarship Recipients 2016-2017

    2016-2017 Scholarships

    Each year, the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education recognizes outstanding students of all ages and backgrounds through its growing scholarship program. With gratitude to our numerous sponsors, we congratulate the following 2016 VFCCE scholarship recipients.

    Valley Proteins Fellows

    In its fifth year, nine extraordinary second-year students have been selected for this unique program that provides financial resources as well as leadership training.

    • Kristen Bailey, Virginia Western Community College
    • Cody Billups, Paul D. Camp Community College
    • Katie Boggs, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College
    • E. Geovany Chavarria, John Tyler Community College
    • Angela Graves, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
    • Todd Hill, Southwest Virginia Community College
    • Grayson Katzenbach, Piedmont Virginia Community College
    • Megan Perdue, Virginia Western Community College
    • Matthew Wilson, Wytheville Community College

    Potomac Health Foundation Fellows

    This second class of Fellows will receive financial support and engage in leadership and community activities that support the Potomac Health Foundation’s mission to improve the health of the community.

    • Aya Abdo, Northern Virginia Community College
    • Mary Bryant, Northern Virginia Community College
    • Edward Connolly, Northern Virginia Community College
    • Brent McDonald, Northern Virginia Community College
    • Jonathan McHale, Germanna Community College
    • Audrey Morton, Northern Virginia Community College
    • Ohemaa Ofori-Addae, Northern Virginia Community College
    • Shirley Roman, Germanna Community College
    • Ara Tucker, Northern Virginia Community College

    Named Scholarships

    • Eva T. Hardy Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Emily Calvert, Northern Virginia Community College Asim Chughati, Northern Virginia Community College
    • ACG Richmond Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Sai Lat, John Tyler Community College.
    • John Casteen Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Sarah Fadhil, Northern Virginia Community College 
    • Michael A. Smith Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Olivia Hudson, John Tyler Community College Katherine Morse, Central Virginia Community College Claudia Campbell, Paul D. Camp Community College
    • Kathy Camper Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Justin Pimentel, Tidewater Community College
    • Central Virginia Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management Scholarship:
      Janice Rinker, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.
    • Laurens Sartoris Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Nakiara Bell, Northern Virginia Community College Debra Davidson, Northern Virginia Community College Tara Stevens, John Tyler Community College
    • Jonathan Alje Toxopeus Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Lucia Resendiz Garcia, Lord Fairfax Community College.
    • Gerald L. Baliles Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Ryan Byrd and , Patrick Henry Community College Stephanie McAlexander, Patrick Henry Community College
    • The Florence Berman Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Mikelah Dann, Rappahannock Community College.
    • The Eleanor Saslaw Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Samantha Carter, Rappahannock Community College Ariel Turner, Patrick Henry Community College
    • The Dana Hamel Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Mercy Mazurek, John Tyler Community College
    • The Peachtree House Foundation Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Arshuman Sheik, Germanna Community College Arlene McKenzie, Germanna Community College
    • The LaVonne Parker Ellis Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship:
      Dasam Jeong, Northern Virginia Community College
    • The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) Central Virginia Chapter Scholarship:
      Clifford Irvin, John Tyler Community College

    Richmond Region Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship

    • Millie Rudolph, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
    • Aysha Brown, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
    • Taylor Vocke, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
    • Sarah Gwynn, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
    • Jerod Hill, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
    • Sarah Ballester, John Tyler Community College
    • Joshua Hann, John Tyler Community College
    • Dustin Johnson, John Tyler Community College
    • Sherae McRae, John Tyler Community College
    • Matthew Villiot, John Tyler Community College


    Each individual community college will select their own Commonwealth Legacy Scholar for the Wells Fargo program.