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Oops! Be More Careful

Home > Oops! Be More Careful

Please read

Don’t be worried; the message from Alec Kane is the 2nd in a series of tests for the System Office Phish campaign.

The System Office Information Security team is tracking your response to the email from Alec and no further action is required. In the future, when you suspect a phishing email in Outlook, click the Report Message Button to alert the proper people.  There is no need to forward the email to anyone.  The login credentials you provided were NOT captured by this campaign so they have not been compromised.

The team has allowed this fictitious message to bypass our robust email filters. Did you notice that the email sent to you did not look totally professional? Did you see the spelling and grammatical errors in the email? These are signs of phishing attacks, which are easy to prevent, but can damage both companies and individuals.  Hackers can use phishing emails to infiltrate a network to steal information and sensitive data.  Review the steps below to determine how to identify phishing emails, and raise your own awareness to the world’s simplest cybercrime.

**Never click the link or open the attachment in a suspicious email**

Steps to Avoid a “Phish”

  • Examine content for errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar.
  • Is the sender trying to get you to act quickly, without taking time to consider?
  • Has this company or person ever contacted you in this way before?
  • Hover over the sender’s email address to see if it looks unusual.
  • Be skeptical of all emails and examine them closely before opening any attachments.
  • Did the page that you entered credentials on seem slightly off?
  • Be sure that any page requesting that you enter username/passwords is a valid log-in page.
  • Only download smartphone or desktop apps from a valid app store and be cautious in allowing special/elevated permissions.