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text only issue 16

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News from around the VCCS

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Initiative Update: 

Inaugural Aspen Fellow chosen to become Mountain Empire’s next President   

Westover wins over Mountain Empire. Learn about MECC’s new college president. 

Now Hear This! New Online Portal Will Bring Better Service to Veterans and Military Students  

Virginia’s Community Colleges are about to get even better at serving veterans and military students. Thanks to the work of professors across the VCCS, we’re less than a year away from an innovative online tool for those who served our country.

Did You Know?

• Virginia’s Community Colleges currently serve 38,000 military-affiliated students, 11,000 of whom are active duty and service members.

• A 2010 Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) study of more than 60,000 students at 48 institutions found that 56% of students with Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit earned a postsecondary degree within seven years, while only 21% of non-PLA students did so.

• At the associate degree level, PLA students completed degrees at twice the rate of students with no PLA credit.



Virginia Western is joining Carnegie Mellon and Johns Hopkins, among others, for some elite student research offerings… Danville is learning about a group who finds those wiped from the pages of history by warfare… And where can you find Virginia’s very best nurses? Just ask the folks at Rappahannock; they’ll tell you.


The Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC):
Wrapping Up AY 2016-2017
Submitted by Charles Errico, Ph.D., professor of history at NOVA, and chair of the Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC)

Count ‘em in. The Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee is joining the effort to increase community college enrollment numbers, and save faculty and staff jobs. But that’s only one of the topics covered at their recent spring meeting with the Chancellor.


Peer Conferences: VCCS Nucleus for Faculty Engagement
Submitted by the Dr. Abigail Stonerock, director of faculty development 

Friends don’t let friends miss peer group meetings – and other reflections on 15 years of VCCS peer group meetings and the hundreds of faculty and staff members they serve annually.


Upcoming Meetings & Events

State Board Meeting
System Office (Richmond)
May 18

Diversity, Inclusion & Student Success Webinar: Tackling the Accessibility Behemoth
Meeting number (access code): 648 065 131
Meeting password:
May 19

College Communicators Association Summer Conference
Longwood Univ. (Farmville)
June 5-6

Advisory Council on Presidents (ACOP)
System Office (Richmond)
June 20-21

Diversity, Inclusion & Student Success Webinar: Helping Women Achieve Their Dreams Through Support, Guidance and Encouragement
Meeting number (access code): 647 423 536
Meeting password:
June 29

State Board Meeting
System Office (Richmond)
July 20

Classified Staff Leadership Academy
System Office (Richmond)
July 26-28

Faculty & Administrators Leadership Academy
System Office (Richmond)
Sep. 19-22

State Board Meeting
System Office (Richmond)
Sep. 20

VCCA Conference
Wyndham Crossings (Richmond)
Sep. 27-29

Advisory Council of Presidents (ACOP)
Founder’s Inn (Virginia Beach)
Oct. 10-11

Chancellor’s Retreat
Founder’s Inn (Virginia Beach)
Oct. 11-12

Communications, Visual & Performing Arts Peer Group Conference
Oct. 19-20

Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC)
System Office (Richmond)
Nov. 2-3

State Board Meeting
System Office (Richmond)
Nov. 16

Hire Ed Conference
Homestead (Hot Springs)
Dec. 6-8

Advisory Council of Presidents (ACOP)
Homestead (Hot Springs)
Dec. 7



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