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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pearls of Wisdom: 

From appreciating the value of hard work to choosing a path in life to understanding what success even is – commencement speakers across Virginia’s Community Colleges offered the class of 2017 one last lesson. Read what they had to say…

Did You Know?

Who were the first college graduates to throw their caps up in the air at commencement?
“We can thank the Navy for this tradition. It’s thought that the practice of chucking one’s cap to the heavens at the end of the ceremony started in 1912 at the U.S. Naval Academy’s graduation. For the first time the Navy gave the newly commissioned graduates their officers’ hats at graduation, so they no longer needed the midshipmen’s caps they’d been wearing for the past four years.
To show how pleased they were, the new officers tossed their old headgear up in the air. Other students heard about the practice and followed suit.”
(Source: “The Stories Behind Graduation Traditions,” by Ethan Trex)


Paul D. Camp Community College and Old Dominion University are teaming up to offer some hard-working students a fast track to their nursing careers… Some Lord Fairfax Community College students will be walking dead on campus for a good cause… From a miner’s hat to a welder’s mask, Mountain Empire Community College offers a creative and convenient training program for those seeking their next success.


Upcoming Meetings & Events

Advisory Council of Presidents (ACOP)
June 20-21
System Office (Richmond)

Diversity, Inclusion & Student Success Webinar: Helping Women Achieve Their Dreams Through Support, Guidance and Encouragement
Meeting number (access code): 647 423 536
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June 29

State Board Meeting
July 20
System Office (Richmond)

Classified Staff Leadership Academy
July 26-28
System Office (Richmond)

Faculty & Administrators Leadership Academy
Sep. 19-22
System Office (Richmond)

2017 Workforce Professionals Academy
Sep. 19-21
Hampton Roads Convention Center

State Board Meeting
Sep. 21
System Office (Richmond)

VCCA Conference
Sep. 27-29
Wyndham Crossings (Richmond)

Advisory Council of Presidents (ACOP)
Oct. 10-11
Founder’s Inn (Virginia Beach)

Chancellor’s Retreat
Oct. 11-12
Founder’s Inn (Virginia Beach)

Communications, Visual & Performing Arts Peer Group Conference
Oct. 19-20

HR Service Awards Luncheon
Oct. 23
Independence Golf Clubhouse (Midlothian)

Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC)
Nov. 2-3
System Office (Richmond)

State Board Meeting
Nov. 16
System Office (Richmond)

Hire Ed Conference
Dec. 6-8
Homestead (Hot Springs)

Advisory Council of Presidents (ACOP)
Dec. 7
Homestead (Hot Springs)

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