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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

YouTube Video
Diversity Faculty Recruitment Webinar – Dec. 3, 2016
0:00hi my name is Kate hazel horse and the
0:02diversity officer for the bcs i would
0:05like to invite you to attend our webinar
0:07and December first from three to four
0:09p.m. exploring recruitment resources
0:12throughout the bcs one of our goals at
0:15the system office is to have all of our
0:17colleges reflect the communities in
0:20which they serve so this webinar will
0:22specifically focus on diversity
0:25requirements and how to utilize
0:26resources that are currently in place in
0:29order to address those hard to fill
0:30positions one thing that you’ll write
0:33one thing that you’ll get out of the
0:34webinars that we do have over a thousand
0:37applicants that are interested in
0:39working for institutions hundreds of
0:41which are within your discipline
0:43specifically secondly and the webinar
0:46will talk about how to develop talent
0:49pools so in the future these recruitment
0:51can be even easier for you
0:53and lastly we will definitely talk about
0:56how the system office can support you
0:57i’m specifically on the hard-to-fill
0:59requirements but on any recruitment that
1:01you’re looking to focus a little bit
1:03more on diversity thank you and we hope
1:05that you join us on December first from
1:07three to four p.m.

Diversity & Inclusion News

Did you know that the VCCS has three recruitment resources that can be used to recruit full-time teaching faculty and adjunct professors? One database contains more than 1,000 applicants from all across Virginia. A second repository contains resumes and contact information for hundreds of minority Ph.D. candidates. The third resource is a historical file containing thousands of applicants who will have presumably gained experience since applying for VCCS positions three to eight years ago.

Submitted by Rachel Strawn, Great Expectations Program Director

Great Expectations is a nationally recognized program that helps Virginia’s foster youth earn the postsecondary credentials they need to achieve an independent and successful life, and is currently available at 18 of Virginia’s Community Colleges.

Graph:619 GE students enrolled in Fall 2016; 525 served but not currently enrolled in classes; Total = 1,144; 5,131 college-age foster youth in Virginia.

MECC Foundation Raises $9.5M in Major Gifts Campaign
Submitted by Amy Greear, Mountain Empire Community College

Mountain Empire Community College Foundation recently announced that $9.5M has been raised in a three-year capital campaign supporting increased student success and developing a highly skilled workforce for the region’s new economy.

More than 1,200 individuals participated in the “Building for the Future” campaign, which exceeded the Foundation’s initial fundraising goal by $500,000. College faculty and staff, along with MECC Foundation Board members, celebrated the close of the campaign during an event at the college on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Photos: MECC logo, photo of students using laboratory.

Student Success Leadership Conference
Submitted by Lauren Burgwyn, Director of Special Events & Conferences

They poured into the halls of The Founder’s Inn in Virginia Beach – 450 of the best and brightest students and advisors from Virginia’s Community Colleges – for a weekend of learning and fun at the 2016 VCCS Student Leadership Conference Nov. 11-13.

The agenda included sessions ranging from character building to entrepreneurship, as well as national speakers who provided perspective on the qualities of a leader, how to follow the spark of inspiration and the importance of giving back.

Photo: Group photo of students who attended the Student Leadership Conference in Virginia Beach.

CVC Campaign Reminder

The annual Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign is in full swing, and we are reminding our employees of the value of giving. Large or small, your contributions help support a large variety of excellent causes, including our own local college foundations and the System Office’s Virginia Foundation for Community College Education. As always, employee participation is voluntary. Please make your donation by Thursday, Dec. 15. Visit your local CVC team for donation forms or give online at ( . Thank you!

Photo: CVC Campaign poster

Inaugural Leadership Award Recognizes Outstanding Adjunct Professors

The inaugural George B. Vaughan Leadership Award for Outstanding Adjunct Faculty has been awarded to an impressive group of community college professors. The five award recipients were chosen from among the approximately 9,000 adjunct faculty members throughout Virginia’s 23 community colleges and announced during a dinner reception held in conjunction with the 2016 VCCS First Year and Adjunct Faculty Institute in Glen Allen, VA on Nov. 17.

Photo of Award Winners. Front row (l to r): Toby Cook (VHCC), Marci Gale (CVCC), David Warren (TCC), Dr. Kerry Ragno (TCC), Peggy Vaughan, Trina Campbell (GCC), and Dr. Joyce Hurt (SVCC). Back row (l to r): VHCC President Gene Couch, CVCC President John Capps, Chancellor Glenn DuBois, Dr. George Vaughan, Dr. Jeanne Wesley (GCC), and SVCC President Al Roberts.


American Red Cross Blood Drive (
Sponsor code: VCCS

Fall Administrative Services Conference (

Diversity & Inclusion Faculty Recruitment Resources

Webinar Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC)

HIRE Education Conference (

System Office Holiday Breakfast (

Technology Council Meeting

Richmond (Arboretum)
(Wyndham Va. Crossings)
(see article above for details)

Richmond (Arboretum)

Hot Springs
(The Homestead)

(Four Points Sheraton)

Richmond (Arboretum)

Nov. 29

Nov. 29-30

Dec. 1

Dec. 5-6

Dec. 7-9

Dec. 13

Jan. 25-26

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