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Planning your transfer to a four-year college or university


Semesters before transferring

Investigate possible transfer institutions offering programs in which you are interested, looking into their cost, location, size, services, and other desired features.

Use advising, faculty, counseling and career center personnel and resources to assist in choosing a major.

Learn more about general education requirements and lower-division components of the curriculum.

Begin looking for scholarships, discounts or other ways to meet costs.


Semesters before transferring

Visit advising, faculty, counseling and career center personnel and resources for assistance.

Decide which transfer institution best meets your needs.

Declare your intent to transfer to your academic advisor.

Use four-year institution’s transfer guides to assist you with course selection.

Become familiar with college academic calendars and deadlines.


Semesters before transferring

Continue selecting courses that transfer appropriately within your program of study.

Submit your applications for admission and financial aid (along with all official transcripts).

Once admitted, complete any scholarship and housing applications that are appropriate.

Talk with advisors and academic professionals at your community college and transfer institution and keep abreast of changes in program requirements.


Semester before transferring

Complete transferable coursework in your program and apply for graduation and for your associate’s degree.

Send official transcripts (again) at the end of your last semester before transferring, and verify that you do not possess any financial/administrative holds.

Attend new student orientation sessions (if possible) or use online orientation tools. Be sure to request maps, directories, tour information and other essentials.