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65% of available jobs will require more than a high school education by 2020

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400+ professional credentials can be earned through workforce training

Graduate Cap 65% of Virginia community college graduates pursue
a bachelor's degree through transfer programs.
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Blog Post


With this new year comes a new blog presence for Virginia’s Community Colleges, a place where we will share the stories, expertise and people that make the community college experience real. We’ll start out by sharing news from the legislative session of the 2014 General Assembly. And we’ll highlight the stories of students who participate in “Every Day is Community College Day,” students who share why community colleges are such an important resource to all families in the commonwealth.

Within the next few weeks we’ll add new features as well, including stories that focus on how Virginia’s Community Colleges impact and support the workforce environment in the state, the powerful impact the transfer process can have on those new to the community college environment, and how Virginia’s Community Colleges continue to transform themselves to even better meet the commonwealth’s needs.

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Student Successes

student success

More than $1.235 million in scholarships have been provided to students throughout the commonwealth thanks to the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education.

Statewide Innovations

Virginia’s Community Colleges are drastically shortening the time it takes students to complete developmental courses, giving them a fighting chance to progress to college-level work and graduate.


Save the date for the 2013 Hire Ed conference, Dec. 11-13 at The Homestead, presented by Virginia’s Community Colleges.

University of Virginia- College at Wise
    • Start at a Virginia Community College and complete your associate degree and then transfer to The University of Virginia’s College at Wise, to complete your four-year degree.

Credits and Courses

    • This agreement requires that your cumulative GPA at Virginia Community College must be at least 2.5.
    • This agreement requires that you have not received a grade lower than Cin any course.


    • A letter of intent is required.


    • Student must declare intent to transfer to UVA-Wise under the GAA to the community college GAA Contact after a minimum of 15 credits towards the transfer-oriented associate’s degree is completed and before applying for graduation.
    • The University of Virginia’s College at Wise requires the submission of a community college transcript.
    • Semester(s) in which students are permitted to transfer under the agreement:
    • Any

Student Access

    • The agreement provides students using the agreement with the same access as native students to:
    • Distribution of financial aid
    • Campus housing
    • Selection of courses
    • Parking
    • The agreement provides students using the agreement with priority or preferential access to scholarship, grant, or other financial aid.


  • PDF file link of the agreement
  • Completion of the transfer-oriented degree program will guarantee completion of the UVa-Wise general education component of the first two years of the undergraduate curriculum, provided the GAA student completes six semester hours of credit in a single foreign language as part of the transfer-oriented associate’s degree. If the foreign language requirement was not met in this manner, the GAA student must fulfill the requirement prior to graduation from UVA-Wise; however, the failure to complete the foreign language requirement as a part of the associate-degree requirement will not preclude the GAA student from entering UVA-Wise under the terms of the Guaranteed Admission Agreement. Acceptance in some degree programs at UVA-Wise is competitive; thus guaranteed admission into UVA-Wise does not imply admission to these programs without further acceptance by the program or department offering the program.