Posted on Wednesday, February 12, 2014

VCCS BlogTo say Samantha Barton is underhanded would be an accurate statement.   

The 20-year old Botetourt County native is a pitcher for the PHCC women’s softball team. She knows how to bring it. Her fastball clocks in at around 60 m.p.h.

Barton is fast with the praise too, especially when it comes to the instructional staff at PHCC.

“Some of my teachers will come in early or stay after class to help me if I’m having trouble. Or we’ll have a study session in class or outside of class; they’ll come and find me. We have study hall after practice every day and if I need help, they’ll come to that study hall and help me out. It’s just really great.”

Samantha-BartonBarton says the small class sizes at PHCC are enormously beneficial because they help her focus. And focus is important because she suffers from ADD or “Attention Deficit Disorder.”

“I need that extra one-on-one attention. And it’s really helped me going to PH instead of going to a big school so that I have that one-on-one attention with the teacher.”

As for her chosen profession, Barton says that’s still up in the air.

“It’s between becoming a biology teacher or working in a lab because I’m really into that stuff. I really wanted to do the CSI-type stuff but then I changed my mind and I really want to focus more on the biology aspect of it.”

Once she gets her associate’s degree, Barton hopes to transfer to Virginia Tech. Until then, she’s happy to tell everyone that community college is the way to go.

“It’s so much better going to community college and getting all of your general studies out of the way instead of going to a big college and being in a bunch of huge classes.”

During a recent visit to the General Assembly for Every Day Is Community College Day, Barton may have delivered the best pitch of her career on behalf of Virginia’s Community Colleges. 

“It’s the best experience I’ve had so far in life. It’s really changed my whole outlook on life.”'

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