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On January 18, 2018, the State Board gathered in Richmond for its fourth meeting of the fiscal year. Highlights of the meeting included the following Action and Information items:

Action Items:

  1. Dual Enrollment Definitions in Policy: The current policy manual does not include definitions for dual enrollment. The Education Programs committee of ASAC developed definitions for two types of dual enrollment:  a) Dual enrollment partnerships (contractual agreements) that feature high-school-based dual enrollment programs and courses as well as on-campus early college programs and academies, and b) Independent dual enrollment that allows individual students to enroll in courses at the community college.  The State Board approved the creation of a new section in the Policy Manual, 6.6 Dual Enrollment for High School Students, and that the existing Dual Enrollment Admissions policy,, be moved to the new policy section so that all policies pertaining to dual enrollment are in one section of the policy manual.
  2. Policy Revision Regarding Posthumous Degrees: Current policy authorizes colleges to award posthumous degrees, but not certificates. A college requested a revision of the policy to include awarding of posthumous certificates. The State Board approved a policy change that authorizes individual colleges to confer posthumous awards for students. Individual institutions shall determine criteria for these awards.
  3. Associate Dean Position: Some colleges, especially larger ones, need additional administrative support to assist deans with their broad range of responsibilities. A new support position would give deans more time to spend working with business, industry, and transfer institutions, and allow them to focus on management, leadership, and strategic opportunities instead of routine matters such as scheduling and classroom assignments. The State Board approved the establishment of the new position of Associate Dean, and charged the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources with submitting recommendations for updating VCCS policies with the necessary changes.
  4. Academic Services Program Approvals, Discontinuations and Title Changes: The State Board approved the following new program: VWCC’s AAS degree in Physical Therapy Assistant
  5. Facilities: The State Board approved:
  • JTCC’s request for a temporary trailer for instructional space on its Chester campus.
  • JTCC’s request to lease 1.5 acres of land at its Chester campus to the JTCC Real Estate Foundation.
  • NVCC’s proposed renovation of the CF building.  

 Information Items:

  1. Complete 2021 Mid-Point Milestone Reports: Dr. Sharon Morrissey, vice chancellor for academic services & research introduced part one of a series of five deep dive reports on topics of strategic interest to VCCS colleges and their impact on moving us towards successfully meeting the Complete 2021 goal. This first report focused on developmental education and graduates. (See cover story.)
  2. VCCS Accreditation Status: Each January, a report is provided to the State Board to detail any reaffirmation-related issues at Virginia’s Community Colleges. At its meeting on December 3, 2017, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Board of Trustees took action on the accreditation status of a number of institutions. No actions were taken for any of Virginia’s Community Colleges. A full list of actions can be found at
  3. VCCS Annual Financial Report: The State Board reviewed an analysis of the VCCS Financial Report for the year ended June 30, 2017. The Auditor of Public Accounts (APA) will audit the VCCS June 30, 2017 consolidated financial statements and footnotes beginning in December 2017 with a final audit report anticipated by late spring 2018.
  4. VCCS SWaM Report: As required in the state procurement regulations, the VCCS gives preference to Certified Small, Woman, and Minority (SWaM) owned businesses for purchases made under $100,000. Annually, the VCCS calculates the actual purchases from small businesses and reports the results to the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD). In previous years, each college and System Office submitted individual plans to SBSD. Starting with FY 2017, the VCCS submits one consolidated plan for all the community colleges and system office. In FY 2017, the VCCS spent $68.2 million with SWaM vendors and met its cumulative goal of 37% of discretionary spend. Individually, 19 of the 23 colleges exceeded their projected SWaM spending goals.

To review the entire list of items covered at the State Board meeting, click HERE (Jan. 18, 2018 Meeting, then click on Agenda).'

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