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Awards & Recognition: Chancellor Receives Distinguished Career Award from ODU

Old Dominion University honors a lifelong storyteller by naming a lecture series after him.

A long-standing partnership with Old Dominion University’s (ODU) Community College Leadership doctoral program was further cemented last week when Chancellor Glenn DuBois was honored with a Distinguished Career Award from ODU, as well as having the DuBois Leadership Lecture Series named in his honor.

“While it’s easy to say that this is an honor, it gives me pause,” said Glenn DuBois, chancellor of Virginia’s Community Colleges. “I dreaded lectures as a student. They’re so easy to do badly. It’s so easy for them to be mind-numbing, boring, and make the students wish they were anywhere else. So I challenged the folks who lead this program, and I challenge the folks who will be giving the lectures in this series: Be bold! Be engaging! Connect with your students! Bring your material to life! And at the very, very least be good enough to keep your students’ attention on the matter at hand and not on the social media feeds of their smartphones.”

Thanking university faculty and graduate students, as well as presidents of six Virginia community colleges who attended the event, DuBois said Old Dominion has been a great partner for Virginia’s community colleges since he was installed as chancellor in 2001.

“ODU is one of my favorite places to visit among Virginia universities,” DuBois said at a luncheon in the new education building. “Leadership counts. Since (Old Dominion) President (John R.) Broderick took over, our partnership has soared.”

President Broderick presented the Distinguished Career Award to DuBois, noting that the chancellor himself is the product of a community college education.

“Today we are here to honor a man not only for his outstanding leadership of Virginia’s community colleges, but for the urgency and clarity he has brought to the mission. He knows that business as usual rarely achieves greatness,” Broderick said.

Blake Steiner, a 2017 biological sciences graduate who completed an associate degree at Tidewater Community College before coming to Old Dominion, thanked DuBois for his contribution to Virginia’s community colleges.

“An outstanding quality of Dr. DuBois is his compassion. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for Virginia’s community colleges, and their students,” Steiner said.

Charles Wilson, special adviser to the provost, offered introductory remarks for the event, noting the stellar track record of the Darden College of Education’s Community College Leadership doctoral program, “one of only a few such programs in the entire country.”

Wilson said community college leaders from across the United States have earned their doctorates at Old Dominion, then moved on to leadership roles at their institutions.

Patricia Huber, a graduate of the Ph.D. program, was recently named president of New River Community College. She is the fourth graduate of the innovative program to become the leader of a community college. The others are Natalie Harder, chancellor of South Louisiana Community College; Hara Charlier, president of Central Lakes College in Minnesota, and Al Roberts, president of Southside Virginia Community College.

During DuBois’ tenure, Virginia’s community colleges have signed groundbreaking guaranteed transfer agreements with more than 30 public and private universities, including Old Dominion; become Virginia’s leading provider of workforce development services; diversified funding sources, re-launched a statewide foundation and doubling foundation-led private fundraising, and maintained a tuition rate that is roughly one-third the rate at Virginia’s four-year universities.

For more information about ODU’s Community College Leadership program, click HERE.

Special thanks to ODU’s Brendan O’Hallarn for content and photo.

Glenn DuBois with ODU President John R. Broderick  

Glenn DuBois with ODU President John R. Broderick'

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    Franks Ross

    Our heartiest Congratulation to Chancellor Glenn DuBois on this special occasion. His leadership qualities, vision, and achievements are inspiration to all students,faculties, and staffs of Virginia’s community colleges.


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