Posted on Monday, April 17, 2017

Best Practices Win Big Awards!

By now, everyone should know that during fall 2016/winter 2017, all 23 VCCS colleges participated in the Chancellor’s Listening Tour during which colleges presented one student success best practice, supported by data, and a plan for scalability and sustainability. (Each best practice description is available at VCCS’s The Resource Center.)

What you may not know is that during last week’s New Horizons conference in Roanoke, those 23 student success best practices took center stage as part of the conference’s annual Excellence in Education (EIE) Awards competition. The stakes were high. Previous EIE winners took home $500, $300, or $100 for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, respectively.

This year, the Chancellor upped the ante by adding an extra “0” to the prize amounts: $5,000 (1st), $3,000 (2nd), $1,000 (3rd), and $500 for the new category of “People’s Choice award for which participants cast votes for the best practice they would most like to see implemented at their college.

As you can imagine, the competition was fierce as each college presented their best practice to a panel of judges that included faculty and staff from around the VCCS.

“While all colleges are actively engaged in many pursuits related to improving student outcomes,” said Chancellor DuBois, “the purpose of the Listening Tour and the EIE awards was to bring to the forefront the broad range of initiatives, activities, and programs that address the diverse needs of our college communities. It was an opportunity to learn and share what works as we pursue our Complete 2021 strategic vision. But, I don’t envy the EIE judges who will have a difficult decision to make.”

It’s true. The panel wrestled with their selections, but in the end, they made the call. Drum roll, please…








Paul D. Camp

STEPS: A Research-Based Evidence-Driven Model for Effectively Serving Underserved Students




Eastern Shore

Scheduling Student Success: Take 13 & Take 7




Patrick Henry

Showcasing the New PHCC Student Experience


People’s Choice


Eastern Shore

Scheduling Student Success: Take 13 & Take 7


Congratulations to all 23 colleges for their innovative best practices. Keep up the great work! (Again, click here to read about all 23 student success best practices.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: New Horizons also honored two superb faculty members at New Horizons this year. Stay tuned to the next issue for their stories!'

Laura Osberger

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