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NOVA and Old Dominion University sign guaranteed transfer partnership agreement, formalize 2+2 pathway program for cybersecurity

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 CAPTION: ODU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Augustine “Austin” Agho and NOVA President Scott Ralls and sign a guaranteed transfer partnership agreement on Nov. 9.

NOVA President Scott Ralls and ODU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Austin Agho sign a guaranteed transfer partnership agreement on Nov. 9. NOVA and ODU recently reaffirmed its partnership by signing a guaranteed transfer partnership agreement between the two institutions.

Northern Virginia Community College President Scott Ralls and Old Dominion University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Austin Agho signed a guaranteed transfer partnership agreement Nov. 9 that will strengthen an ongoing partnership between the two institutions. In addition, a cybersecurity pathway program was finalized that will help address workforce shortages in the high-demand field. 

The guaranteed transfer agreement lays the foundation for a partnership designed to facilitate the seamless transfer of NOVA graduates to ODU and stipulates the criteria under which NOVA graduates are guaranteed admission to the four-year university, which is the most affordable doctoral research institution in the state. The guaranteed transfer partnership agreement also describes curricular benefits that exceed those outlined in the existing Guaranteed Admission Agreement between ODU and the Virginia Community College System. Old Dominion is one of 40 colleges with which NOVA has negotiated guaranteed transfer agreements.

Nationally, community college students lose an average of about 13 credits when they transfer, and that diminishes their chances of earning a bachelor’s degree and increases tuition debt. This wasted time and money is a national problem, and the NOVA/ODU partnership represents a major step toward its resolution.

“Most students attend community colleges with the goal of eventually transferring and completing a bachelor’s degree,” Ralls said. “Too often, however, they find their courses either do not transfer or were evaluated as electives, not requirements. The NOVA/ODU partnership ensures that students who follow a prescribed informed pathway will have all of their courses count as curriculum requirements and will transfer as first semester juniors.” 

Students are the true beneficiaries of this important partnership agreement between NOVA and ODU. They can now be assured that completing an associate’s degree at NOVA, taking advantage of its low tuition and outstanding teaching, will not derail them from achieving a four-year degree in a minimum amount of time. When NOVA graduates automatically transfer to ODU, they will continue to benefit from low, in-state tuition from a first-class university.

In addition to the agreement, the two institutions will formalize a 2+2 pathway program for cybersecurity in an effort to educate and prepare students to become qualified candidates for thousands of unfilled cybersecurity positions in the region.

“With new cyber-attacks dominating the headlines, the importance of a dynamic cybersecurity workforce is paramount,” said Dr. John R. Broderick, president of ODU. “Yet thousands of high-paying positions remain unfilled due to a lack of qualified candidates. Old Dominion University’s partnership with Northern Virginia Community College will be a tremendous asset in our joint effort to address that employment gap. It will provide a clear pathway for high-quality students to obtain a four-year degree and enter the cybersecurity field without delay.” 

After visiting ODU, Ralls said he knew the university was a great next step for NOVA students looking to transfer to a four-year university. 

“We’re trying to cut out the surprises for our students who want to transfer,” Ralls said. “Not only is ODU a great place for transfer students, it’s a great place for NOVA transfer students. We’re committed to making the NOVA, ODU experience even better for our students.”

During the ceremony, Ralls and Dr. Agho recognized the importance of the partnership for students and exchanged gifts after hearing from Lulu Fseisi who received her degree from NOVA before transferring to ODU in spring 2017.'

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