Posted on Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Workforce WednesdayAs a parent of a three-year old, planning for her education is foremost on my mind. While my husband and I will support her in whatever makes her happy, as parents, we still need to make plans to help set her on a path to success. To that end, we live within walking distance of some of the state’s top public schools, we started her college fund on her third birthday, and we are sending her to a nurturing preschool where she continues to thrive.

While we continue to do our part as parents, Virginia has launched a pioneering tool that will track student’s educational paths and ensure they are heading in the right direction.

The Virginia Longitudinal Data System (VLDS) gives the Commonwealth an unprecedented and cost-effective mechanism for extracting, shaping and analyzing educational and workforce development data and more in an environment that ensures the highest levels of privacy.

This new tool will serve many purposes, including improving teacher effectiveness and outcomes, ensuring college readiness, and preparing students for the workforce.

VLDS merges the student’s data without compromising their privacy – creating a holistic view from k-12, to higher education, to workforce. Agencies, policy-makers and researchers can access this information to help make informed decisions that will lead to improvements in education, workforce, and policy…all the while protecting the privacy and the security of each individual.

For more information on this tool, check out this video, explaining how Virginia secures data or refer to the VLDS Web site.'

Amanda Christopher

Amanda Christopher is a graduate of Hollins University and Virginia Commonwealth University. A native of the DC metro area, Amanda worked in public relations for the American Red Cross before joining the Virginia Community College System as the Workforce Communications Coordinator.

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