Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2019

A pair of Danville Community College students have launched “Elusive LLC,” a new mobile game development company.

Jeremiah Goode and Dayshawn Singletary said what led them to DCC was its Information Systems Technology (IST) – Gaming and Mobile Application Development Specialization associate degree program.

DCC Students Dayshawn Singletary, left, and Jeremiah Goode.

“Having the ability to make something that other people and I can enjoy sparked my interest in game development as a career choice,” Goode said. Singletary noted the huge numbers of people playing app-based games earned his attention when he was deciding on a career focus.

Singletary and Goode are getting into a rapidly-growing industry. By some estimates, mobile gaming revenue could top $100-billion by 2021.

“This degree program offers students the capability to develop mobile apps and level game design,” said Cassandra Satterfield, DCC associate professor of IST. ”This program gives students the opportunity not only to learn concepts of good user interface (UI) dealing with mobile apps and games, but also to see the programming language used. I keep the courses up to date with a working advisory committee that offers support in the curriculum and marketplace trends.”

With plans to graduate in May, both Goode and Singletary intend to transfer to a four-year university and continue developing new mobile games under the Elusive LLC brand.

Read more in DCC’s news release here.'

Jim Babb

Jim Babb works for Virginia's Community Colleges in the Office of Strategic Communications.

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