Posted on Monday, October 2, 2017

VCCS Diversity Conference

Submitted by Kate Haselhorst, Diversity Officer, VCCS

Last October, all 23 colleges participated in the inaugural Diversity, Inclusion and Student Success Conference. The overarching feedback was positive, and we have received many inquiries since regarding when our next conference will take place. Although we do not have an exact date as of yet, we anticipate that it will occur in 2018. In the interim, we plan to continue the Diversity, Inclusion and Student Success webinar series, which was a ‘spin-off’ of the conference, and we are now accepting proposals for presentations.

If you have research that you would like to share, a program you would like to highlight, or have made progress at your institution due to your diversity and inclusion initiatives, we want to hear from you! All VCCS faculty and staff interested in submitting a proposal should do so by completing the following form by Friday, November 3: RPF 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Webinar Series.

If you are interested in viewing the presentations from 2017, please visit the VCCS Diversity and Inclusion site on Buzz2.

Please contact Kate Haselhorst, VCCS Diversity Officer with all questions:


CAPTION: Chancellor DuBois provided the keynote for the 2016 Diversity, Inclusion and Student Success conference.'

Laura Osberger

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