Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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From training to employment in a month’s time. This is the type of success that Paul D. Camp Community College’s fast track Marine Welding Program graduates are achieving. Local employers like Huntington Ingalls are driving demand for welders in the Franklin, Suffolk and Smithfield areas of Virginia. The three week, 120-hour welder training program, is preparing candidates to meet the needs of regional and local marine welding employers.

While the course is not a guarantee of employment, it is intended to assure regional employers that a candidate possesses the skills and attitude to be a successful marine welder. Approximately 85% of the course is hands-on training and 15% classroom instruction.


Since the pilot program was launched in 2013, 29 students have graduated and more are in the pipeline. 

2014 brought two more sessions – one in July and another in August. The diverse population included females, veterans and recent high school graduates – 95% of whom were unemployed. The August 2014 class was funded in part by Bank of America and Opportunity Inc., enabling the addition of a job shadowing component and an American Welding Society certification class. Total program time equaled 144 hours of practical application, instruction and weld testing.

PDCCC is currently assisting this summer’s graduates with employment guidance. Graduates are also provided Virginia’s Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) test to document their workplace skills and for employers to match those skills to fill their open positions.

For more information on Paul D Camp’s Marine Welding Program, contact Larry Brunson at (757) 569-6061or

Lindab is an international company that engineers and builds customized ventilation systems, products for customized buildings, and customized steel and aluminum buildings. Here, instructor Ryan Johnson is explaining to the students where fine welds are located and why.'

Amanda Christopher

Amanda Christopher is a graduate of Hollins University and Virginia Commonwealth University. A native of the DC metro area, Amanda worked in public relations for the American Red Cross before joining the Virginia Community College System as the Workforce Communications Coordinator.


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    Shirley R. Jackson

    I’m interested in this type of program for my 20yrs old son. Is this program available in the Central Virginia area, say with CVCC? If so, what is the outlook or prospects of finding employment within that area?

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    James Defranco

    Marine welding would be a really fun and awesome job! I’ve heard about it before and it’s a pretty exciting career path. My dad is a welder and he would be perfect for a position like this, if he wasn’t afraid of the ocean.


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