Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Workforce WednesdayBy Stephanie Crowe, outreach specialist, Germanna Community College

Thomas McNinch of Fredericksburg first visited Michelle Beverage, a Germanna Community College adult career coach, at the Fredericksburg Workforce Center in February of last year.

Disappointed at the lack of opportunities to put his B.S. in geography to good use, McNinch was interested in increasing his skills to pursue a meaningful career.

After being out of work for a 10-month period, McNinch felt like he had hit a wall when it came to his options and decided it was time for a change.

“Searching for a new career was a daunting task,” McNinch said. “Applying for positions via the internet was like sending your resume into a black hole. Applying in person and making contact with the hiring person proved just as difficult. After months of ‘We’ll be in touch’ and ‘Good luck in your career endeavors,’ I decided to contact Germanna’s Center for Workforce and came in contact with Michelle and Stephanie Crowe (outreach specialist) who provided the information and connections that worked for me.”

Michelle Beverage had the extensive coaching experience to provide him with the tools and resources needed to put him on the path to success. She encouraged him to utilize his eligibility for On Ramp funding to enroll with Germanna’s partnering organization, CDS Tractor Trailer Training, to earn his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

A month after enrolling, McNinch graduated with his CDL and two weeks after that, found full-time employment with benefits including health care, 401(k), and paid vacation and holidays. The team at CDS also proved helpful to Thomas in tailoring his desired job with the right companies.

Germanna Community College staff are honored to have provided McNinch the educational resources and career coaching services he found beneficial on his path to success.'

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