Posted on Monday, April 21, 2014

VCCS BlogThe 2013-2014 academic year has shone very brightly on Joseph Zink.

The Northern Virginia native and Phi Theta Kappa member made the All U.S.A Academic Team as well as the All Virginia Academic Team. He was also selected as a Coca Cola Bronze Medal scholarship winner.

More recently, he won the Martin Luther King, Jr. essay contest. In the fall of 2011, he made the President’s list at Lord Fairfax Community College.

There’s no question Zink works hard – very hard.

Joseph-Zink-llIn addition to a healthy class load, he works part-time at an assisted living facility where he serves as a resident care manager.

The 36-year old Zink is majoring in nursing and hopes to transfer to James Madison University when he graduates. As for what motivates him to maintain his academic focus, Zink says the answer is simple.

“I was poor growing up, and I do not want my children to grow up in the same way that I was raised.”

But Zink points out that academic excellence was not always a priority for him.

“My high school GPA was 2.5. (By comparison,) my current GPA is 3.71 with 50 college credits under my belt with 10 in progress.”

Zink adds that it takes a significant amount of focus and discipline to perform well academically and he admits to having made numerous sacrifices along the way.

“My social life and home life leave a bit to be desired for the sake of classroom study at this time in my life.”

Zink attributes at least part of his success to his wife, family and friends – the people he refers to as his “biggest supporters.”

“They have extended the grace to me to focus on my studies and put those relationships on the back burner for now.”

When he learned that he had won the Coca Cola Bronze Medal scholarship for academic achievement, Zink says he could hardly contain himself.

“I had the opportunity to attend a luncheon in Richmond, receive a medallion in recognition of making the All Virginia Academic Team, and get another medallion in recognition of making the All U.S.A. Academic Team.”

As for his experience at LFCC, Zink says it’s been immensely rewarding.

“The faculty is phenomenal. I have had the opportunity to be instructed by many wonderful, talented, hardworking, compassionate professors. That makes all the difference in the world!”'

Craig Butterworth

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