Posted on Friday, March 9, 2018

General Assembly Round Up: Week 9 (March 5-9, 2018)

Submitted by Ellen Davenport, assistant vice chancellor, governmental relations, VCCS 

As you may know, the House of Delegates and the Senate have not agreed on a “caboose” bill budget for the current fiscal year (HB/SB 29), nor a biennial budget bill for the upcoming biennium (HB/SB 30). Therefore, they will not be finishing up the 2018 General Assembly session tomorrow, March 10. 

Minutes ago, the House of Delegates adopted HJR 576, petitioning Governor Ralph Northam for the approval of a special session on the budget to commence immediately after the regular 2018 session adjourns sine die tomorrow. It was announced from the House floor that this will likely mean that the General Assembly will be returning in 2-3 weeks.  (The electronic version of HJR 576 is not yet available).

Both bodies today are receiving and voting on conference reports on other bills, as well as voting on judges. The same activity is expected tomorrow. 

 Please see the VCCS Bills List – 3-8-18 for more information. There will be another update early next week once information is known.


Laura Osberger

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