Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Win Stevens, Coordinator of Disability Services at Germanna Community College.

His own struggles with dyslexia in college convinced Win Stevens that he should devote his life to helping students cope with disabilities.

“I understand the struggles students with disabilities face,” said Stevens. “I want to lower barriers and make disabilities more like a speed bump they can drive over and keep going instead of feeling like they’re walking into and up the wall of the Grand Canyon.”

Stevens has served as Disability Services Coordinator at Germanna Community College for the past decade, and has been recognized through an Award of Excellence by the Virginia Rehabilitation Association.

Goodwill Industries Inc. Culpeper Director of Workforce Services Marty Bywaters-Baldwin nominated Stevens for the award, citing his “passion for working with students with disabilities, the way he treats each person as a unique and valuable individual, and how he empowers others.”

Read GCC’s news release here.'

Jim Babb

Jim Babb works for Virginia's Community Colleges in the Office of Strategic Communications.

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    Sally Tuttle

    What a wonderful man! Best wishes as you continue on your wonderful quest to smooth the road for young adults with disabilities. I’m sure you have changed many lives & hope you are blessed to continue helping many more.


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