Posted on Monday, March 3, 2014

VCCS BlogIn addition to being a student at LFCC, Kimmon Waldruff is also a musician. He’s performed at festivals, night clubs, children’s camps, and fundraising events and is currently working on his third CD (see link below).

Waldruff also gives back to the Winchester community he’s called home for the last 28 years. He and a friend work closely with local high school bands.

“It’s really good for the kids – it helps with their self-esteem and gives them confidence on stage in dealing with a lot of different situations. It’s been a real rewarding experience for me.”

kimmon waldruffAt 57, Waldruff is older than most students. But that doesn’t bother him in the slightest.

“They give me great energy – they’re so enthusiastic about learning. They’ve renewed my interest in learning.”

Waldruff says he came back to school to further his education and the college’s education degree program seemed like the perfect fit.

“I’ve learned so many new things about the world, about people. It’s been a great experience!”

Waldruff is especially fond of the teachers at LFCC who he says have been very supportive of his education.

“We have some of the highest quality teachers at Lord Fairfax Community College. They’re very dedicated and I would like to see more teachers come to our college. They have a lot of experience that they bring to the table.”

So, what does the future hold for Waldruff? Given his affinity for learning, Waldruff says a transfer is likely.

“I’m looking at a number of options right now. I’ve looked at ODU and James Madison University. I have a number of friends who have graduated. We’ll see how it goes.”

Until then, Waldruff seems content to share his passion for music and learning.

“It’s just been a very rewarding experience going to this community college. It’s been great!”'

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