Posted on Monday, May 15, 2017

Now Hear This! New Online Portal Will Bring Better Service to Veterans and Military Students

Virginia’s Community Colleges are proud to serve veterans and military students. Doing so can be complicated, however, even with the best intentions. Translating one’s in-uniform experience to post-service career aspirations can be a lengthy, frustrating process. That’s about to change.

By this time next year, veterans will be able to use a one-stop online tool to translate their military transcript into potential credit for prior learning in relevant community college programs. The online Veterans’ Portal will also help individuals explore and connect academic and workforce programs, their veteran’s and financial aid benefits, and career and employment information.

“The VCCS is committed to making Virginia the best state for postsecondary credential completion for our military students and veterans,” said Sharon Morrissey, vice chancellor for academic services and research. 

The purpose of the portal is to save veterans and military students time and money while complet­ing a credential or degree program.

That savings matters. Many of these students use Montgomery or Post-9/11 GI Bill education benefits, which only cover up to 36 months of tuition and fees.

Work to create the portal has been underway for months already.

“The portal wouldn’t be successful without the work of the faculty members who mapped out credit for prior learning. I am proud of these dedicated faculty members for acknowledging the value of military education and experience. Their good work will pay big dividends for our military and veteran students,” said Dr. Morrissey.   

The Virginia-based vendor for the portal project, Indtai, has an extensive background working with the Department of Defense on high-profile initiatives, including the College Credit for Heroes Program in Texas, and 25 years of experience directing multi-million dollar Department of Defense contracts to provide education and career counseling to the Marine Corps, Army, and Army Reserve.   

The VCCS Veterans’ Portal, which is federally funded, will go live during spring 2018.'

Laura Osberger

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