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On September 21, 2017, the State Board gathered for its second meeting of the new fiscal year. Highlights of the meeting include:

  1. JLARC Report: The Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) issued its final report on the VCCS on September 11. The report confirmed that our community colleges are the most affordable higher education options in Virginia; that we are the state’s leading provider of higher education; and that we serve students who are typically older, poorer, attend only part-time, and often the first in their family to go to college. It also confirmed that our colleges, and the system office, operate efficiently, compared to institutions in our region and across the nation. It also included 21 recommendations. Click DuBois Overview of JLARC Recommendations – 09.11.17 to learn more. There is additional information in Board Docs (Sept. 21 meeting, Agenda, Section E #4 and Section F, #4.) 
  2. Dual Enrollment Presentation: Vice Chancellor Sharon Morrissey presented an overview of a 2017 General Assembly budget bill item requiring a study of dual enrollment, the formation of three workgroups to conduct the study, and a report of preliminary recommendations. Please see the “Initiative Update” story for more information.
  3. Chancellor’s Task Force on Applying the Community College Mission to Virginia’s 21st Century Needs: Last year, Virginia’s Community Colleges served nearly 57,000 fewer individuals than it did just six years ago. That 22 percent enrollment decline is larger than the enrollment of 17 of our colleges this year, combined. To that end, Chancellor DuBois recently convened a statewide taskforce to examine, explore and articulate how the timeless mission of our community colleges can best be focused to ensure that individuals, families, businesses and communities thrive in a 21st century Virginia. The task force will consist of State Board members, community college presidents, academic and student services leaders, faculty members, public information officers, and other subject-matter experts. Click Chancellor’s Enrollment Taskforce Charge to learn more.
  4. Fall Enrollment Report: Total FTE enrollment for Fall 2017 was down 3.20% over Fall 2016. Regular FTE enrollment (not including Dual Enrollment students) was down 4.71%, while Dual Enrollment FTE enrollments were up 8.59%.
  5. Revision to State Board Policy 4.3.0(a) Tuition: This technical change to the policy was in response to an audit of the Dual Enrollment program at nine colleges regarding the process for invoicing local school divisions for the “net tuition.” The recommendation approved by the State Board was that the System Office should clarify the policy to specifically permit colleges to invoice high schools and/or school divisions for net DE tuition by including both the tuition and the reimbursement on each invoice. For more information, visit Board Docs (Sept. 21 Meeting, Agenda, Section E, #3).
  6. Six-Year Academic and Financial Plan for 2018-2024: “The State Board approved the budget adjustments and amendments included in the VCCS 2018-24 Six-Year Academic/Financial Plan (referred to as “the Plan”). The move effectively creates $300,000 in financial support for the Plan’s “Build Accelerated Pathways to the Workforce by Partnering with K-12” initiative. The Plan is required by state law for planning purposes. 
  7. Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy Template: Virginia Code requires the State Board to certify by October 31 of each year to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) that it has reviewed its sexual misconduct policy and updated it as appropriate. In August 2017, the Office of System Counsel asked Title IX Coordinators to review the policy template. The policy template was revised in accordance with their comments and suggestions. The changes are non-substantive. The State Board approved the updated template.
  8. Academic Services Program Approvals, Discontinuations and Title Changes: The State Board approved the following new program:
  • BRCC’s AAS degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology

       The State Board approved the following program discontinuance:

  • SVCC’s AAS degree in Liberal Arts

       The State Board approved the following program title changes:

  • GCC’s AAS degree in Police Science to AAS degree in Administration of Justice and Certificate in Police Science to Administration of Justice

New WCG Training Programs: The State Board approved several new training programs offered through the New Economy Workforce Credentials Grant (WCG) fund program:                    

      Skilled Trades (LFCC and SWCC)

  • Heavy Equipment Operations – Level 1, National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)
  • Heavy Equipment Operations – Level 2, National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)
  • Heavy/Highway Construction, National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)

      Skilled Trades (PVCC)

  • Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technician (National Apartment Association Education Institute)

      Welding and Manufacturing (RCC)

  • Industrial Technology Maintenance – Electronic Control Systems, National Institute of Metalworking Skills
  • Industrial Technology Maintenance – Process Control Systems, National Institute of Metalworking Skills
  • Industrial Technology Maintenance – Basic Pneumatic Systems, National Institute of Metalworking Skills
  • Industrial Technology Maintenance – Basic Hydraulic Systems, National Institute of Metalworking Skills

      Business and Customer Service (CVCC)

  • Senior Certified Professional (SCP), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

    10.  Facilities: The State Board:

  • Authorized the Chancellor to finalize negotiations and sign a master lease agreement that will allow colleges to more efficiently install communication towers and equipment on their campuses.
  • Approved the SVCC Christanna campus to remove two existing mobile units, which have exceeded their useful life and are in poor shape.  
  • Approved the execution of a Memorandum of Agreement between NVCC and The Lincoln at the Crossroad Alliance (LATCRA) organization to allow the placement of a proposed statue of Abraham Lincoln at the site (on NVCC’s campus) where on November 20, 1861, Lincoln and General McClellan performed a grand review of the troops at Baileys Bridge. LACTRA must have all fundraising complete before a monument can be erected. See Board Docs (Sept. 21 meeting, Agenda, Section H, #3.)

To review the entire list of items covered at the State Board meeting, click HERE (Sept. 21, 2017 Meeting, then click on Agenda).'

Laura Osberger

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