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On July 20, 2017, the State Board gathered for its first meeting of the new fiscal year. Highlights of the meeting include:

1. Chancellor’s Objectives for the Complete 2021 Goal: Second Biennium– AY2018 and AY2019 : In order to meet the VCCS Complete 2021 Goal of tripling the number of credentials awarded annually by 2021, the Chancellor establishes biennial objectives for the system. Objectives are organized using the Loss-Momentum Framework for Student Success, with an additional objective for increasing college affordability and sustainability. The system office and colleges will identify strategies for meeting these biennial objectives.  The State Board approved the Chancellor’s objectives. Click HERE to read them.

2. Op 6 Planning Document:  The Virginia Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2011 (Top Jobs 21) requires the governing board of each public institution of higher education to develop and adopt biennially an academic and financial planning document for how the VCCS uses state funds. The State Board approved the initial plan. The Operation 6 group will provide comments by Sept. 1. The VCCS will respond to any comments from the group by October 1. The proposed VCCS response to the “Operation Six” comments and any changes recommended to the Plan will be provided to the Board prior to its September meeting. Any changes approved by the Board at the September meeting will be incorporated into the final Plan, which will be submitted to SCHEV by October 1, 2017.

3. Operating Budget: The State Board approved the operating budgets of the community colleges for the 2018 fiscal year (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018). For more information, see the Budget and Finance Committee in BoardDocs (July 20, 2017 meeting).

4. JLARC Report: The Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) is a bipartisan group of appointed statewide House and Senate representatives tasked with conducting “policy analysis, program evaluation, and oversight of state agencies on behalf of the Virginia General Assembly,” according to its website. JLARC is currently conducting an audit of the VCCS, the first since 1992. Results and recommendations are expected to be distributed in mid- September.

5. Faculty Workload Policies: The Board approved three revisions to faculty workload policies. We express gratitude to Dr. Elizabeth Wilmer, vice president of academics & student affairs at VWCC and chair of ASAC’s faculty issues committee, for her leadership in facilitating complex conversations among multiple constituent groups in the policy revision process.
 • Currently, VCCS Policy 3.1.1 allows a college to hire an assistant instructor on a temporary basis if that person meets most, but not all of the minimum requirements for instructor rank, as long as that person is in the process of becoming appropriately credentialed. This policy is out of alignment with SACSCOC’s Principles of Accreditation Comprehensive Standard 3.7.1. Accordingly, the policy has been revised.
 • Due to increases in enrollments in non-credit programs, full-time faculty who teach credit courses are increasingly being assigned to teach non-credit courses. As a consequence, workload policies for non-credit teaching (VCCS Policy 3.8.6) have been updated (attached).
 • Since there has been considerable misinterpretation of the Faculty Workload policy for faculty teaching credit courses (VCCS Policy 3.5), the policy has been updated to clarify definitions.

6. Academic Services Program Approvals, Discontinuations & Title Changes:
 The State Board approved the following new programs:
 • DSLCC’s Certificate in Pipe Welding (new to the VCCS)
 • NVCC’s Associate of Fine Arts in Visual Arts
 • TCC’s Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology

 The State Board approved the following program discontinuance:
 • SVCC’s Diploma in Air Conditioning/Heating/Refrigeration

 There were two program title changes reported to the State Board as information:
 • DSLCC’s Certificate in Welding changed to Certificate in Industrial/Structural Welding
 • DSLCC’s Certificate in Office Management changed to Certificate in Small Business Management

7. New WCG Program: The State Board approved a new credential, Certified Energy Manager (Association of Energy Engineers) to be offered at Virginia Highlands Community College through the New Economy Workforce Credentials Grant (WCG) fund program.

8. Dana Hamel Awards: At the State Board Meeting on July 20, the chancellor recognized other extraordinary staff for their work on the Workforce Credential Pricing Task Force. The taskforce was charged with developing a pricing model that could be applied to the workforce training programs deemed eligible to receive substantial public funding, thereby resulting in the development of consistent prices for such programs across colleges.

 Members of the taskforce included:
 • Dr. Bruce Scism, President, DCC, Chair
 • Dr. Dean Sprinkle, President, WCC, Co-Chair
 • Lisa Ridpath, Vice President of Financial & Administrative Services, VWCC
 • Crystal Cregger, Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services, WCC
 • Dr. Keith Harkins, Vice President for Workforce Development and Continuing Education, SVCC
 • Dr. Ruth Hendrick, Vice President for Workforce Solutions & Community Education, CVCC
 • Dr. Craig Herndon, Vice Chancellor for Workforce Development Services, VCCS
 The Taskforce was staffed by:
 • Lori Dwyer, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Workforce Policy, VCCS
 • Randy Stamper, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Workforce Programs and Career Pathways, VCCS
 • Will Johnson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget, VCCS

 Congratulations, and thank you for your efforts!

9. Shared Services Center:  In July, the Shared Services Center received its own agency code designation establishing its operating identity within the VCCS.  Just as each college and the System Office have their own VCCS agency designations, including federal and state tax ID numbers, the Shared Services Center now has its own identity and the ability to manage its own budget and operations.

10. Facilities: The State Board approved a Ground Lease with the John Tyler Community College Real Estate Foundation to develop the corner parcel of land at the Midlothian Campus.

To review the entire list of items covered at the State Board meeting, click HERE (July 20, 2017 Meeting, then click on Agenda).'

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