Posted on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

On March 22, 2018, the State Board gathered at Germanna Community College in Fredericksburg for its fifth meeting of the fiscal year. Highlights of the meeting included the following Action and Information items:

Approved Action Items:

1.  Develop Policy for Community College Configuration. In response to a JLARC recommendation, the Chancellor was directed to develop a policy for the State Board to periodically assess the configuration of community colleges and campuses to ensure that VCCS maintains a relatively efficient and effective structure. The policy must be submitted to the Board for review and approval no later than July 2018.

2. Enhancing Access to the Workforce Credentials Grant (WCG): The Board approved staff’s recommendation to enact a process that makes no more than 40% of the total FY19 workforce credential funds available in the first four months of the fiscal year, and a total of 80% of the total funds available in the first eight months of the fiscal year, thereby insuring greater continuity of student access to WCGs, and improving the ability of colleges to identify and address emerging workforce needs throughout the year. Staff also will limit the amount of funds available to any single program at 25%, thus mirroring the enabling legislation’s limit related to a single institution and insure greater diversity in the distribution of funding. Exceptions may be made by the chancellor in the event of an unforeseen workforce need.

3. State Budget and Preliminary Discussion of 2018-2019 Tuition & Fees: The Board discussed and ultimately approved a range of 1%-3% for potential tuition and mandatory fees increases for FY 2019. They will vote on any tuition changes at the May 2018 meeting.

4. Academic Services Program Approvals, Discontinuations and Title Changes:
The State Board approved the following new programs/credentials:
•JTCC’s Associate of Fine Arts degree in Music
•JTCC’s Associate of Science degree in Health Sciences
•TNCC’s Associate of Science degree in Health Sciences
•BRCC’s Associate of Applied Science degree in Emergency Medical Services
•Pharmacy Technician credential awarded by the National Healthcareer Association

5. Facilities: The State Board approved:
•GCC’s conveyance of a pedestrian and vehicle access easement at Frank Turnage Drive.
•JTCC’s request for the installation of a temporary trailer to house the campus bookstore during renovations of Bird Hall and the Nicholas Student Center.
•TCC’s request for the conveyance of a private utility easement.
•NVCC’s proposed renovation of the CF building.
•VHCC’s proposed purchase of approximately 5 acres of land adjacent to its campus (subject to satisfactory completion of a due diligence investigation).

Information Item:
6. Preliminary Recommendations on Dual Enrollment Quality Standards: Also as a result of the JLARC report, Dr. Sharon Morrissey, vice chancellor for academic services & research presented preliminary recommendations regarding Dual Enrollment quality and uniform tuition rates. These recommendations will be presented to the State Board for Community Colleges in May 2018.

To review the entire list of items covered at the State Board meeting, visit Board Docs, then click on the Meetings tab at the top right, then select March 22, 2018 Meeting, then click on Agenda.'

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