Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

On November 16, 2017, the State Board gathered for its third meeting of the fiscal year. Highlights of the meeting included:

  1. Credits2Careers Veterans Web Portal: Dr. Van Wilson, assistant vice chancellor for academic and student services unveiled the new C2C web portal that makes it easier for veterans and military students to earn academic credit for their prior learning and experience at any of Virginia’s Community Colleges. Click HERE to learn more.
  2. PPEA Proposal: On Sept. 27, 2017, the VCCS received an unsolicited proposal under the Public Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act (PPEA) from Blackboard to provide the VCCS with multiple services aimed at improving recruitment and retention. Before any formal procurement process can begin, the State Board is required to accept the proposal for consideration, which it did on Nov. 16. No actions or guarantees have been made to Blackboard. Next steps in the process include posting notice of receipt and acceptance of the proposal, publication of the unprotected sections of the proposal, and a call for competing proposals to be submitted in 60 days.
  3. President Emeritus: The State Board unanimously approved a request to bestow the award of president emeritus upon Dr. Cheryl Thompson-Stacey who will leave her post as president of Lord Fairfax Community College in February 2018. The designation was made in recognition of the contributions Dr. Thompson-Stacey has made to LFCC, its service region, and to the Virginia Community College system during her years as a Virginia community college president.  
  4. Chancellor’s Faculty Fellows and Classified Staff Fellows Recognition: The Chancellor’s Faculty Fellowship ensures VCCS faculty have an opportunity to prepare themselves for management and instructional positions within the VCCS. Fellows engage in full-time graduate study for up to one year. The award includes three-quarters salary with continuation of all benefits plus grant funds for tuition and related expenses.

This year’s Faculty Fellows include Zachary Beamer, assistant professor, Piedmont Virginia Community College, who is pursuing an Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Virginia; Kim Grewe, acting associate director of instructional design and development and instructional designer, Northern Virginia Community College, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in Community College Leadership at Old Dominion University; and Tauheeda Yasin, associate professor, Northern Virginia Community College, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies at George Mason University.

    CAPTION: Chancellor DuBois congratulates Faculty Fellows program winners Kim Grewe, Zachary Beamer and Tauheeda Yasin.

The Chancellor’s Classified Fellowship Program is offered annually to community college and System Office classified staff who are pursuing degree studies that will enhance their ability to contribute to the community college mission. The fellowship includes financial support for tuition and mandatory fees, one semester or one academic year leave of absence with ¾ pay, and continuation of insurance, retirement, the State’s portion of health insurance and seniority.

This year’s Classified Staff Fellows include Elisha Claiborne, maintenance technician II and a student at Reynolds Community College, who will use her Fellowship to complete the internship required to graduate with an associate degree in human services; and Kristen Greer, transfer advisor at (and graduate of) Piedmont Virginia Community College, who will use the Fellowship to complete her Master’s degree in higher education.

 CAPTION: Dr. Christopher Lee congratulates the Chancellor’s Classified Staff Fellows program winners Kristen Greer and Elisha Claiborne.

5.  Academic Services Program Approvals, Discontinuations and Title Changes:

The State Board approved the following new program:

  • BRCC’s Associate of Fine Arts in Visual Arts

The State Board approved the following program discontinuance:

  • ESCC’s AAS degree in Administrative Support Technology and the AAS degree in Education  

6.  Facilities: The State Board approved:

  • CVCC’s request to rename Harvard Street to CVCC Campus Drive.
  • JTCC’s Midlothian Master Plan.
  • NVCC’s Office of Emergency Management Signage.  
  • TNCC’s Hampton Campus Deed of Easement to City of Hampton.
  • VWCC’s Master Plan and Parking Plan Update.
  • TCC’s Virginia Beach Campus Utility Easement, City of Virginia Beach Public Utilities.
  • PVCC’s Long-term Ground Lease to PVCC Real Estate Foundation.

To review the entire list of items covered at the State Board meeting, click HERE (Nov. 16, 2017 Meeting, then click on Agenda).'

Laura Osberger

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