Posted on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC):  Addressing Faculty Issues to Maintain Quality Instruction for Our Students

Submitted by Charles Errico, Ph.D., professor of history at NOVA and chair of the Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC)

The Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC) consists of representatives from each of the 23 VCCS colleges. It meets with the Chancellor and his staff in the fall and spring semesters and serves as the voice of the faculty on systemic issues dealing with the budget, workload, and a myriad of other topics. CFAC represents the faculty on search committees for VCCS presidents and serves on statewide committees on technology, faculty diversity, and the selection of teaching awards.

Over the past several years, the collegial and cooperative relationship that CFAC has established with Dr. Du Bois and his cabinet has allowed it to recommend policies beneficial to the faculty. For example, CFAC drafted, with the support of Vice Chancellor Chris Lee, a phased retirement policy that allows faculty to reduce their workload in the last three years of employment. It also developed, with the assistance of Vice Chancellor Sharon Morrissey, a best practices policy for academic deans who evaluate their teaching faculty.

At the last meeting in December 2016, budget reductions, falling enrollments, retention, and their impact on faculty positions dominated much of the discussions. CFAC advocated for the need for greater rigor in dual enrollment courses, consistency in the determination of lab/lecture workload credits in science courses, and security/safety training for weather and active shooter emergencies. Vice Chancellor Donna Van Cleave provided an update on the Shared Services Center designed to combine support functions and save funds.

Other agenda items included reports on Guided Pathways, the development of an iPASS system, and Multiple Measures for English placement. Given the failure of the General Assembly to fund pay increases last year, CFAC encouraged individual colleges to maximize, within budget guidelines, the opportunity for teaching faculty to earn overloads and summer pay.

CFAC will have a session at the New Horizons Conference in April to report progress on its initiatives and receive feedback/recommendations from the faculty. Until then, please contact your CFAC representative listed below with any issues that you wish us to address at our next meeting on April 3 and 4:

Bethany Arnold, MECC                   Carol Carr, JTCC                 Charles Errico, NVCC                       Susan Evans, WCC

Winona Fleenor, VHCC                  Sharon Freeman, SVCC  Ruth Greene, RCC                            Ellyn Hodgis, TCC

Kim Hoover, PVCC                           Frances Lea, GCC              David Lorenz, PDCCC                      Bronte Miller, PHCC

Ramzi Ockaili, JSRCC                       Toni Pepin, VWCC            Linda Pruitt, ESCC                             Gary Randolph, CVCC

Jen Schaefer, LFCC                           Vickie Taylor, DCC            Theresa Thomas, BRCC                  Sarah Tolbert-Hurysz, NRCC

Tondalaya VanLear, DSLCC           Brian Wright, SWVCC     Marty Zahn, TNCC'

Laura Osberger

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