Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Germanna Community College implementation team attends WES training in March.


Signing up for training courses to improve workplace skills and obtain credentials just got one step easier at Virginia’s Community Colleges.

Online registration for these courses is now available at three community colleges with the rest following in waves over the next few months –

For the technology savvy out there, Workforce Enterprise System is the name of the online registration tool. The Workforce Enterprise System, known as WES, is the integration between two software systems – PeopleSoft (the community college system of record for student information, accounting information, and human resources management) and Lumens (a software system produced by Augusoft and designed exclusively for continuing education providers to enable web-based registration for students).  

The launch of WES this past April was the culmination of three years of planning. The end product is a user-friendly, web-based, registration and payment system.

Through WES, prospective students will have the ability to search noncredit courses (courses that are not going towards a degree – ex. courses that would help improve careers and skills and could lead to credentials and certifications), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Prospective students will then be able to self-register for courses using a shopping cart feature similar to that of  Returning students will receive recommendations for upcoming courses that may be of interest to them, based on courses they have taken in the past.

There are many benefits to the colleges too. Through WES, colleges will be able to ensure that the public has access to the most current listings of noncredit course offerings. They will also be able to disseminate information about featured courses and programs, as well as the array of employer services offered by community colleges. 

The Virginia Community College System is completing the WES rollout to the colleges in stages to allow the project team to provide hands-on assistance with implementation activities. To date, more than 800 students have registered for noncredit courses through WES.  By the close of 2015, all colleges are expected to have launched their WES sites, enabling students across the Commonwealth to self-register for noncredit workforce courses offered at their local community college.


Amanda Christopher

Amanda Christopher is a graduate of Hollins University and Virginia Commonwealth University. A native of the DC metro area, Amanda worked in public relations for the American Red Cross before joining the Virginia Community College System as the Workforce Communications Coordinator.

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