Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Submitted by Bobby Allen Roach, PR & marketing specialist, Danville Community College

Chanette and Chantel McCain share a birthday and, as of this year’s commencement ceremony, a matching set of degrees from Danville Community College.

Danville Community College alumnae and identical twins Chantel (left) and Chanette McCain (right) graduated on Saturday, May 12, from the college’s administrative support tech, general office studies, medical office studies, and medical coding specialization programs.

Identical twin sisters Chanette and Chantel McCain recently graduated from Danville Community College’s (DCC) general office studies, medical office studies, administrative support technology (AST) – medical office administration, and AST – medical coding specialization programs.

“My sister and I have always wanted to own our own business in the medical field,” Chanette said. “We have always dreamed to work in someone’s doctor’s office. We both have experience and work with clients with intellectual disabilities. It takes a strong person to have a job like that and it requires a lot of patience. The bond we have gained with our clients is amazing and they look up to us.”

Balancing class time, studying, working, and taking care of their father was challenging for the McCain twins.

“Our first year of college, we didn’t have our driver’s licenses, so our father would take us to DCC and would sit in the car every day and wait until we got out of school,” Chanette explained. “Even though he was in pain every day and had to deal with his health condition, he still sacrificed to make sure he did whatever he could for us.”

“It hasn’t been easy, but it was all worth it,” Chanette said. “If it wasn’t for our father pushing and encouraging us, we both know we wouldn’t have made it this far.”

Chanette and Chantel agreed that having a twin sister on campus came with unique perks.

“Not only is Chantel my twin sister, but she’s also my best friend,” Chanette said. “I thank God for her because, at times when I felt like giving up in class, while doing homework, or just having a rough day, my sister was always right there by my side and pushed me to never give up.”

“Having an identical twin is definitely a blessing,” Chantel added. “The best part about it all is that we both went to school for the same major. I never gave up for two reasons: My sister inspired me to keep pushing and my father was by my side every step of the way.”

Chantel explained that when she became ill a couple of years ago, Chanette brought her books and laptop to Duke University Hospital and taught her the things she had missed during lectures and class time.

The twins work at PreServe Services Day Support Program. Chantel’s duties there include billing coordinator, information coordinator and direct support professional while Chanette works as a direct support professional and office administrator.

They both intend to pursue master’s degrees and Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) licensure.

“We also want to thank our grandmother, Clara McCain, who is our father’s mother, our oldest sister, Demesha Ballou and our godmother, Ethel Gwynn, for always being by our side and encouraging us,” Chanette said.

Chanette and Chantel both thanked their DCC professors and staff for their part in the twins’ academic success.'

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