Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Virginia Highlands Community College’s main campus is in Abingdon

A typical year finds the VCCS recruiting two to three new college presidents, but due to several departures and four Baby Boomer retirements, the system will fill seven presidential vacancies in 2019.

“Virginia is a great place to settle and the VCCS is an appealing employer, so I’m confident we’ll attract top talent,” said Glenn DuBois, chancellor of the state’s 23-college system.

During the Chancellor’s Retreat last fall, Glenn DuBois challenged Virginia’s Community Colleges to create websites that can help Virginians find job training in a few clicks.

Vacancies at the following colleges will be filled this year: Danville Community College, Eastern Shore Community College, Northern Virginia Community College, Rappahannock Community College, Southside Virginia Community College, Tidewater Community College, and Virginia Highlands Community College.

“I’m looking for leaders who are passionate about serving adults and not spending all of their waking hours worried about recruiting 19 year olds,” said DuBois, nothing that fundamental demographic shifts will mean fewer traditionally college age students in the coming years, along with greater numbers of adults who need to improve their workforce skills to succeed in life.

Dr. Frank Friedman, PVCC president

“Our current college presidents have done a great job recognizing and responding to our evolving responsibilities,” said DuBois. “I’m counting on this next group of college presidents to help usher in an even greater sensitivity to serving the students who come to us with challenges we just didn’t recognize in the past, including students who face significant food and housing insecurity issues.”

“I think the goal is to think more like social workers and less as academic philosophers.”

To learn more about the Chancellor’s thoughts on the upcoming presidential searches, click here

One of the VCCS’s longtime college presidents, PVCC’s Frank Friedman, had this advice for presidential applicants: “You must have a genuine passion for the community college mission, and your leadership and decision making must be guided by what is best for your students and your college’s future, but not by what is best for yourself.”

The VCCS process for recruiting, screening and hiring college presidents engages a broad range of stakeholders at the college and local community level to find candidates who are best suited to the schools’ particular needs and aspirations.

To read more about that process click here

For a deeper dive, here’s a link to the VCCS’s official policy on the presidential selection.'

Jim Babb

Jim Babb works for Virginia's Community Colleges in the Office of Strategic Communications.

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