Posted on Monday, February 16, 2015

Budget Status

The budgets released by the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance Committee on Sunday have passed the House of Delegates and Senate, respectively.  The House budget has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee, and the Senate budget has been referred to the House Appropriations Committee.  Traditionally, each house will reject the other’s budget, and the budget bills will go to conference.  Based on last year’s budget conference committee, conferees this year will likely be the same:  Senators Colgan, Hanger, Howell, NormentSaslaw, and Watkins and Delegates Cox, Greason, Jones, Joannou, Landes, and O’Bannon

Guns and Colleges

Legislation which would allow faculty to carry handguns, or to prevent any public institution of higher education to prohibit or limit concealed handguns, did not advance this week.  Both bills (HB 1389 and HB 1411) were left in the House Education Committee on February 10.

Sexual Assault Bills Cross Over

HB1785—Massie, HB 1930—Bell,  SB 712—Black, SB 1329–Garrett, and SB1193—Norment have passed their houses of origin.  HB 1888 , which specified that sexual assault charges be noted on students’ college transcripts, was tabled.  SB1193 contains very similar provisions about notations on transcripts, along with allowances for the removal of notations,  and is still advancing.  SB 712 and SB 1329 are scheduled to be heard in the House Education Committee on Monday, February 16. 

Bill List

Many pieces of legislation have been left behind in committee; the list of bills we are tracking is here.  After next week, all the left behind bills will be removed.'

Ellen Davenport

Ellen Davenport is assistant vice chancellor for governmental relations for the VCCS. She works with the Chancellor and Virginia's 23 community college presidents to advance the financial and policy priorities of the VCCS with the Virginia General Assembly and Congress.

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