Posted on Monday, September 19, 2016

Submitted by Steve Vehorn, JSRCC

As students at Reynolds Community College, Parham Road Campus, returned this fall, they were greeted by several faculty portraits strategically positioned near key student services areas like Admissions & Records, Enrollment Services, and Financial Aid. As phase one of a faculty marketing campaign, the personal testimonials and portraits are the result of research conducted by SIR (Southeastern Institute of Research) when refreshing the Reynolds brand in 2013. Research showed that student satisfaction with Reynolds increased dramatically after students attended class and learned that Reynolds is home to outstanding professors.  



These faculty portraits are designed to welcome families and perspective students, new to Reynolds, who may otherwise not know about the rich diversity and seasoned faculty among our three campuses. Returning students may also enjoy seeing their professors featured at the campus they attend. When more funding becomes available, a second round of faculty profiles featuring additional academic programs and schools will take place for inclusion at the Downtown and Goochland campuses.

Special thanks to the first round of faculty featured for publicly sharing their passion for Reynolds, and being willing participants in a creative strategic marketing campaign: Ashley Bourne-Richardson, Miles McCrimmon, Jesse Miller, Ramzi Ockaili, Pamela Ratliff, Bruce Sofinski, and Monteque Williams.  Click here to see all the marketing pieces.'

Laura Osberger

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