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Young adults, who, for whatever reason, don’t finish high school, can regain their footing and chart a course for a promising future using this program.  Middle College is designed to help 18 to 24-year olds earn their GED while simultaneously developing the skills they need for a rewarding career.

The program offers targeted remedial courses, access to workforce readiness courses, enrollment in community college courses applicable to a degree or industry-based certificate, and comprehensive support services.

“It’s a very modest investment that changes educational patterns for generations to come.”
-Chancellor Glenn DuBois

 Statistics show that the majority of children whose parents went to college will themselves pursue a higher education after they finish high school. Conversely, children whose parents don’t finish high school or pursue a college education will likely follow in their parents’ footsteps.



A move across state left 18-year old Janet without a high school diploma and, due to extenuating circumstances, without the possibility of re-entering school to complete her high school education.  Janet was referred to RCC and was found eligible for RCC’s WIA Youth Services program.  Once enrolled in the Youth Services program, she was enrolled in RCC’s Middle College program in order to complete her high school diploma.

Janet is now pursuing an Associates of Arts and Sciences transfer degree in hopes of attending a university to study Biology and begin a career in the health sciences field.




Ailia – the oldest of 5 children – was the primary caretaker for her siblings whenever her mother was able to find work.  She started Middle College at LFCC in the fall of 2011.

Before the end of fall semester, her family was left homeless.  But that didn’t stop Ailia. She earned her GED while living in a tent at a local campground.  Even though she was still homeless during the following spring semester, Ailia never missed her college-level classes and completed both of them successfully.

Ailia is now in a training program in New York City where she plans to work while continuing her education and pursuing a degree as well as a career in science or healthcare.


brittany dangerfield

Brittany entered the Middle College program in the Fall of 2012. She has since completed the legal assisting program at GCC and did so while working two full time jobs. She has also completed the Middle College Internship Program with Goodpasture, Purvis, and Frackelton Law offices in Fredericksburg. She is currently enrolled in the criminal justice associate’s degree program at GCC and was the 2013 Middle College student speaker at GCC Middle College awards ceremony.






Kelly came into the Patrick Henry Community College Middle College program in the fall of 2012, determined to get her GED, CRC, and enroll in college.

Kelly recently completed the program and is now enrolled at PHCC and on her way to obtaining a certificate in Nurse Aid Training. Her long-term goal is to further her education at PHCC and become a Registered Nurse.




Program Outcomes

Since its inception, Middle College has demonstrated a track record of success.  According to statistics:

  • Over 70 percent of active students have received a GED
  • Over 50 percent of those who received a GED are enrolled in a post-secondary education program
  • Nearly 60 percent of those who earned their GED also earned a Career Readiness Certificate

Middle College is currently offered at the following community colleges:  J. Sargeant Reynolds, Danville, Germanna, Lord Fairfax, New River, Patrick Henry, Rappahannock, Southside Virginia and Thomas Nelson.

Plans call for expanding the program to other community colleges around the state.